Jumbo Blocks

Jumbo Blocks

Fuel your child's imagination with these jumbo sized colorful blocks. With the Jumbo Set you can create vehicles, robots, animals, airplanes and more. The possibilities are endless. Made in the USA with polypropylene plastic, these blocks are both durable and safe. Their large 4" x 8" size makes them perfect for little hands. Our blocks feature rounded corners for safe play. Designed to help develop hand eye coordination and enhance motorskills.

Jumbo Block Dimensions:
Large blocks are 3-1/4" tall by 3-7/8" wide and 7-3/4" long.
The half-size blocks are 3-1/4" tall by 3-7/8" wide by 3-7/8" long
Made in the USA.

Beginner Block Set

Beginner Set: 24 pieces: Includes 20 large and 4 small blocks.

Price: $49.99

Starter Block Set

Starter Set: 54 pieces: Includes 45 large and 9 small blocks.

Price: $99.99

Standard Block Set

Standard Set: 108 pieces: Includes 90 large and 18 small blocks.

Price: $199.99

Jumbo Block Set

Jumbo Set: 216 pieces: Includes 180 large and 36 small blocks.

Price: $429.99