ScareMeNots's Fearless Fred

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Fearless Fred was recently awarded the Big Badge of Bravery from the M.P.S.A. (Monsters Preventative Services of America) for the apprehension (fancy word for zapping) of the notorious Snackfoot Monster. Thanks to Fearless Fred's never-ending search for monsters, Mr. Chewy Snackfoot was removed from beneath the bed of a four year old boy living in Schenectady New York. Children in this area no longer need to wear their shoes to bed. Fearless Fred has now joined the courageous team at S.M.N. (Scare Me Not) and will supervise our K-9 division with Watchdog Wally. Here in a recent photo Fearless Fred salutes the children of the world.

Size: 6" x 13" x 17" (LxWxH) (length is 30" with tail extended)

Price: $24.99