ScareMeNots's Guardian Gus

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Guardian Gus, with an extra eye in each hand, is ideal for spotting monsters around corners and under beds. He removes closet and hallway monsters by sliding one hand-eye under the door, while never leaving your little ones' bedroom. His assignments have taken him worldwide in search of monsters like Swamp Thing and Bigfoot. He can detect any size monster, from the enormous Loch Ness monster to the greasy bite size Quagmire Quarter-Pounder, who's aroma has lured many an unsuspecting youngster to it's golden lair. However, Gus is most renowned for his detection of the Bathtub Belly Slimer due to his use of S.W.A.T. (Soapy Water Approach Technique). With one look at his lean, green body, children know this monster combatant means business. Here in a recent photo he asked monsters "Do you want a piece of this?"

Size: 4" x 14" x 19" (LxWxH) (length is 26" with tail extended)

Price: $24.99