ScareMeNots's Valiant Valerie

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Valiant Valerie possesses all the monster detection and preventive intuition of her parents Protector Patty and Guardian Gus. Zapping monsters is in Valiant Valerie's DNA. Even at her young age she can protect herself and your child from any run-a-muck monster. However, Valiant Valerie is still too young for us at S.M.N. (Scare Me Not) to allow her to be fully certified. The problem is Valerie has not passed regulation #2 - N.P.P. (No Poop in Pants). We'll have to wait until she's completed potty training before she can receive S.M.N. certification. Until then, children can sleep worry free if they have Valerie tucked in their beds. Each night as Protector Patty and Guardian Gus check on their little Valerie, they'll protect your little one too.

Size: 5" x 10" x 12" (LxWxH) (length is 28" with tail extended)

Price: $24.99