ScareMeNots's Watchdog Wally

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Watchdog Wally is the star of our k-9 protection division at S.M.N. (Scare Me Not). He has been trained to keep his high tech nose into the wind scanning for monsters. Fearless Fred has spent many weeks training Wally and now he's ready for duty to protect a very lucky boy or girl. Wally is obedient, enjoys the company of children and will be delighted to learn tricks from his new owner.

Wally will need your help adjusting to his new owners voice commands so be sure to learn the M.M.C.'s (Monster Control Commands) using the link below. You can also check out Wally's pedigree.

Size: 5" x 14" x 14" (length is 33" with tail extended)

Price: $24.99